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Special features of our punching tools:

"As cheap as possible" and "maximum possible tolerances" are principles that often are legitimate. In the context of tool making, however, they frequently cause unnecessarily high costs on account of premature failure of tools and concomitant downtimes as well as high maintenance costs.

Tools by Hubert BLAHA help you reduce these costs through:

  • Exceptionally large tool life quantity
  • Exceptional durability and operational reliability

We achieve these features through:

  • Rigid design
  • High-precision parts, especially very precise tool inserts and guides.
    This precision cannot be attained by means of eroding but only by grinding.
  • Undamaged cutting edge surface; finishing of tool inserts at Blaha Company is done exclusively by grinding, not by wire-EDM.
  • Technologically correct shape of cutting edges. A new technology (we call it 6SM profile grinding technology) permits us to create a constant clearance angle along the whole cutting edge contour - even with profile corners and very small inside radii. Refer to the sketch with exaggerated clearance angle:

  • Tools made according to our principles really bring out the performance potential of hard metal, especially because the cutting edges do not mutually damage each other.
  • We are a small family enterprise and, if necessary, our personal commitment is very strong.

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