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Founded in 1952, the company, in the first 15 years of its history, concentrated on the manufacture of copper and aluminum washers. The tools used in this line of production have always been made in our own workshop. As it turned out that these punching tools were always of high quality, the company began to produce punching tools for customers, too. These included renowned manufacturers of mass-produced parts such as Philips and Siemens. Tool making proved so successful that it finally replaced the production of washers. At the time, the company concentrated exclusively on the manufacture of punching and bending tools, especially tools made of hard metal and in particular for use with thin and difficult materials. At this point, it is worth mentioning that not a single tool made by Blaha has ever failed during operation, not even after hundreds of millions of strokes. At the beginning of the 1990s the company built the first dragged "Turk's heads" (four roll rolling mills). These rolling mills were characterized by extraordinary accuracy and high tool life quantity of the rolls; consequently, the company decided to further develop the wire-dragged unit to a motor-driven variant in which all four rolls are motor-driven. This driven turks head permits to produce extremely small cross-sections of square wire. We also build a duo roll for highly accurate fine flat wires. The performance of this unit often astonishes visitors: If, for instance, in rolling fine flat wire (at a speed of, say, 400m/min) the operator adjusts the roll gap by 0.2 micrometers, this very small adjustment may be verified at the wire thickness gage on the delivery side. Our line of products comprises all components of a rolling line such as dancers, unwinding and coiling stands and we can also offer complete rolling mills to our customers. In addition, Blaha Company operates a fine wire rolling mill developed in our house, which enables us to offer wire rolling jobs and fine flat wires.

Our activities often are on the brink of what is still feasible and we have never hesitated to invest considerable means in technology development. We have our own engineering capacities and also participate in joint development projects. If necessary, we involve staff of research institutions as well.